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At NZ House Surveys, we are proud to offer our exclusive QuakeCheck reports.

New Zealand has seen a staggering increase in the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes – located on the ring of fire, New Zealand sits on hundreds of fault lines creating high risk areas across our nation. Living in an earthquake prone country, the greatest thing you can do is to be prepared.

Quakecheck inspections are undertaken by our trained inspectors and will identify potential threats and failures in and around your home using our 30 point checklist. Our report will suggest a pathway for remedial action to minimise the risk of damage to your home; to protect the lives of your loved ones before a significant seismic event strikes.

Our team are available to take you call today, because no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

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In The News

"A law requiring earthquake-prone buildings to be identified and upgraded has come into effect this week. The new regime divides the country into three earthquake categories. In high-risk areas, such as Wellington, buildings need to be assessed within five years and upgraded within 15 years" - New quake-prone building law takes effect 

“Wellington home owners could be forced to spend thousands removing chimneys, reinforcing piles and installing emergency water tanks under new earthquake regulations which could be fast-tracked by the city council”- Wellington considers new earthquake laws.

“Slow-slip earthquakes have been detected in Kapiti and the Manawatu, adding to similar activity already seen in Gisbourne & Hawkes Bay…
It is the first time slow-slip movements have been detected in multiple regions since this phenomenon was discovered in 2002.” - Slow slip earthquakes detected.

“New earthquake laws will allow Civil Defence officials to demand earthquake assessments from private property owners” - Earthquake assements from private property owners.


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