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NZS 8510:2017 is the NZ Standard for testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties and is the benchmark for setting levels of competency. NZ House Surveys is guided by this Standard, for which this report has been prepared, and a copy of this document is held at our office and may be viewed on request. Where any condition or problem may have been concealed at the time of the assessment the client agrees to assume all risk. It is possible for contamination in a house to be disguised to prevent detection, and where recent renovation work has occurred then this shall be commented on in the assessment report. NZ House Surveys will not move occupier owned items during the course of an assessment.

NZ House Surveys reserves the right to advise any appropriate authority and/or person if a serious issue is identified which presents a significant risk to the health and safety of any persons.

On or before this assessment the client is required to notify the sampler of any existing or possible conditions they are aware of that could materially affect the content of this report including but not limited to recent renovation works, and/or any previous methamphetamine screening reports.

NZ House Surveys reserves the right to charge the full assessment fee if the client cancels the assessment within the 24 hours preceding the scheduled assessment. A cancellation fee of $100 will be charged where the assessment is cancelled prior to the 24 hour period.

Payment may be made either by cash, cheque, Internet banking, Visa, or MasterCard and is due on invoice prior to delivery of the report unless otherwise previously arranged. NZ House Surveys reserves the right to charge interest calculated at 5% per month on overdue accounts. Where collection costs associated with payment of the debt are incurred these will be added to the invoice.

NZ House Surveys is to have fair and reasonable access to the property. Generally an assessment will take between 0.5 - 1 hours and the property owner, prospective purchaser, or agent may be in attendance. During this process the sampler shall have fair and reasonable access to the property. Ceiling access to the manhole shall be a minimum of 400x450mm, with a minimum of 600x600mm crawl space between ceiling and underside of roof, and accessible from a 3.6m ladder. Sub floor access shall be a minimum of 500x400mm and contain a vertical clearance for crawl space of no less than 400mm from the underside of the bearers to ground level. If these areas are less than those mentioned above and contained within NZS 4306:2005 the sampler shall test only that limited use area which is accessible. Where no access is available, or access is limited to specific areas only, then this shall be stated in the report.

In accordance with the Copyright Act 1994 and its subsequent amendments, the client agrees that the Copyright of this report, together with all intellectual property contained therein, remains the sole ownership of NZ House Surveys and shall not be transferred, ceded or copied without the express written permission of NZ House Surveys.

Where testing is undertaken only areas identified in the report were examined, and only those materials and locations described tested. There may be contaminants in areas that were not tested. Our testing results performed reflect the built environment only at the time and location where it was undertaken. In sampling we have adopted a pre-cautionary approach with a worksite plan to minimise any issues of sampling contamination. Where an assessment is undertaken samples are forwarded to an IANZ accredited laboratory for sampling analysis, using screening assessment sampling methodology. Where screening assessment sampling is undertaken these results will be averaged throughout the property, and dependent on the levels present, may require further sampling and a detailed assessment in accordance with NZS 8510:2017. The current acceptable levels of methamphetamine contamination are 1.5µg per 100cm² for high-use areas, and 3.8µg per 100cm² for limited-use areas (such as crawl spaces and subfloor areas), as set out by NZS 8510:2017. It is also noted there can be a high variation of contamination levels within the building envelope.

It is a requirement under NZS 8510:2017 for all screening assessment reports to be given to the following recipients (as applicable): the commissioner of the report, the property owner or manager, the property occupier, decontamination contractor and accredited sampler.

A field blank test is completed at a ratio of 1 per 20 sample results in accordance with NZS 8510:2017. A copy of the results of the current field blank test is available on request.


  • N/A – Not applicable
  • ACCREDITED SAMPLER - A person who is considered competent and is authorised to take samples for detailed assessments and post-decontamination reports on behalf of an AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 or NZS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited body
  • CLANDESTINE LAB - A property used for the illicit manufacture of Methamphetamine
  • DECONTAMINATION - The process of reducing the level of methamphetamine contamination in a property by cleaning the property and its contents, or removing methamphetamine-contaminated materials from the property, or both
  • DETAILED ASSESSMENT - An assessment by an accredited sampler to determine the extent and magnitude of methamphetamine contamination in a property
  • DISCRETE WIPE SAMPLE - A single sample taken from an area of 100cm² using a technique as outlined in one of the appropriate NIOSH standard methods or validated equivalent method
  • FIELD BLANK - A swab that is handled by the sampler in the same way as a real sample but shall not contact any potential contaminated surface and is then analysed.
  • FIELD COMPOSITE - A sample comprised of multiple discrete wipe samples collected from a separate locations but analysed as a single sample a field composite sample result represents a sum or accumulation of each of the individual wipes. 
  • HIGH-USE AREA - An area in a property that can be easily accessed and is regularly used by adults and children
  • LABORATORY COMPOSITE - The process by which discrete wipe samples are composited in the laboratory to produce an averaged result
  • LIMITED-USE AREA - An area that is likely to be accessed only by adults and for short periods of time. This includes crawl spaces and wall cavities not used as duct runs
  • PRECURSOR - A substance from which another substance is formed. In the context of NZS 8510:2017, it is a chemical (or one of several) used to create methamphetamine, and this includes compounds or mixtures containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine
  • SCREENING ASSESSMENT - An assessment by a screening sampler to determine whether or not methamphetamine is present
  • SCREENING SAMPLER - A person who has successfully completed an approved course of instruction for sample collection and uses screening technology to test for the presence or absence of methamphetamine and who has received a statement of attainment in accordance with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • SITE INSPECTION - The act of implementing formally approved methods or procedures for determining the nature, extent, and levels of methamphetamine-related contamination present on a site and the potential risk posed to human and environmental health